The circular stretch effect is the latest method of collecting any color from any image or photo. This effect is really fantastic and eye-catching. I could not understand the power of Photoshop after creating a circular stretch effect myself in photoshop I understood the power of photoshop. How to create this fantastic effect check below

How to create a circular Stretch effect in photoshop?

First of all, open your software and select the png image to see attached image below.

Circular Stretch Effect in Photoshop cc 2019

add a new white background layer below

select subject image goto single row marquee tool and click in the center if you can not see press Ctrl+ for zoom.

press ctrl+c  for copy selection and ctrl+v for paste and you will get a new layer select that new layer.

goto move too and press shift drag and then press shift+alt for scaling from both sides accordingly.

select the same layer and goto filter>Distort>polar coordinate for more watch this given video link below

Circular Stretch Effect in Photoshop cc 2019

You can go to my channel which is manzardesigns4you. I have uploaded this video on how to create a circular Stretch effect in photoshop. Once you have learned this trick trust me you can do this with any image you find on the internet even you can do with your own images interesting na? so what are you waiting for check the given video link below watch a complete video and do practice unless you are proud yourself.