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How to create neon text glow effect in Photoshop

The Neon text effect is the best method to attract your viewers on social media or offline. The neon glowing effect can be created for different purposes eg, For the bar, party, function, restaurant, e-commerce store, club and so on. This text attracts clients and more chances to visit you again and again.


How to Create a Neon Text glow effect in Photoshop?

First of all, open your Photoshop software and create a custom document or canvas. Size does not matter it’s just for practice purposes. Follow these few steps and learn the right method of how to create a neon text glow effect.

Goto text tool and choose text start writing anything you want let’s say Neon Text Effect.

Now give color to text lets choose a white color in this case.

Goto layers or press f7 if you don’t know where is the layer pannel or goto window>layers.

Once you select the text layer double click on the layer or goto add a layer style and choose outer glow from the list.

Neon effect

Just click on the FX a list will appear to choose outer glow and a dialogue box will appear of the outer glow settings.

Keep this setting on if you do the same you have learned the method.

Blending mode SCREEN.





that’s it enjoys if you have any problem while creating a neon text effect do comment below. I would be glad to answer your questions.

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