flyer poster mockup

How to design a flyer,poster mock-up in adobe Photoshop cc 2019

What is a Flyer?

A flyer is a single unfolded printed sheet that is used to draw for different purposes. the flyer can be used for education purposes, advertisements, events, door to door campaigns, etc. The standard size of a flyer is the A4 8.5” x 11” page and you can customize accordingly. Professional says flyer can be printed on both size but one side is recommended. Flyers are very useful for advertisement, event promotion, school admissions, elections campaigns and beyond

What is a Mockup?

A mockup is a full-size model of a design or device, used for product presentations or other purposes. A mockup is very useful and your designs stand out in the market and look amazing. have a look below

Without mockup flyer:

flyer mockup


Flyer with mockup :

 flyer poster mockup

How to create a custom flyer mockup in Photoshop?

First of all, go to and watch the complete video and you will be able to design your own custom flyer mockup easily. You can download a flyer image and mockup and do the same it will help you a lot. If your like do leave your feedback in the comment section and if you have any problem comment below.


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