How to make money from fiverr step by step guide for beginners in 2021

How to make  money from Fiverr 

The lecture is introductory and describes the way the freelancing world works and the diversity of services that can be provided to the world through the internet. The PowerPoint presentation is also provided in the resources.
Link to the Cloud Drive Containing all the resources from time to time:


The lecture helps you guys making your first Gig and presents the available opportunities on Fiverr. You are all encouraged to visit all of those. Making a Gig is not an easy job and is certainly the most significant step of the entire training. One must take pen and paper and research on the relevant Gigs of others on Fiverr and choose the best of those as a reference. Brainstorm on how could you make a Gig better than those. Write your description as attractive as you can. A Gig made in a few minutes is not worth to be called a Gig.
IMPORTANT: Copying a description of Gig or Cover picture could get you BANNED on Fiverr. Even copying the description I shared in the video could harm you.
Link to Cloud Drive containing resources:
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