How to win $158 in a logo competition?

Hello Everyone! 

This is a great opportunity for Graphic Designers logo & branding. We need a new logo for our official page which is Munawar Abadullah. So, you all are welcome to design a high-quality branding logo using any software prefer adobe illustrator but you can use Coral Draw, Photoshop or InDesign but the logo must be high quality.

How to win $158 in a logo competition?

Logo Brief/Guideline 

Munawar Abdullah is a Founder | CEO | Investor | Entrepreneur | Public Figure | Board Member | Adviser | Keynote
He is a frequent speaker at industry events. His numerous engagements focus on his experience of digital transformation and business.
Logo Competition: LOGO for this page. A new logo will be used on graphic posts. page name Munawar Abadullah
Submit your logo on this post. Users/fans can like the submitted logos to give their votes.
The winner will be picked on March 30.
PKR 25,000.00 /USD $158  token of appreciation for the winning design plus certificate of appreciation. Please tag graphic designers who might be interested. Thanks for your time.
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Whatsapp : +1 646-964-8228
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