Adobe Photoshop cc

Learn Photoshop inside Photoshop step by step guide

What is Adobe Photoshop?

Adobe Photoshop is a raster graphic application software.we can use it for photo editing, retouching, background remove, and stationery design.we can also use for logo designs, social media banner, vector art, and illustration, etc.lets learn Photoshop inside photoshop step by step guide for beginners.


Learn Photoshop step by step?

First thing first, you must have adobe photoshop installed.if you do not have goto and download from there.

  1. Open your software
  2. Goto window menu>select learn
  3. A dialog box will appear to learn photoshop’s direct step by step guide.
  4. fundamental skills
  5. fix a photo
  6. make creative effects
  7. painting

Fundamental skills:

Click on fundamental skills>photoshop tour>read the text and then click on next. Now you will see a few layers in layer panel click on the eye icon in the room on next now. Now you will see Astronaut and try to move here and there read the passage click next. keep exploring now you got the idea.


learn Photoshop cc
Learn Photoshop cc

I am pretty sure you got the idea. Goto window menu and select learn and the above dialog box will appear to follow the instruction and explore new things. If you learn the basics from Adobe Photoshop you learned yourself. Now learn basic in fundamental skills, fix a photo, make creative effects, painting, Good luck. if you still have any problem I guarantee I can teach you anything in photoshop. visit my youtube channel manzardesigns

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