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Basic Photoshop tools explained



There are more then 50+ useful tools in adobe photoshop. The Photoshop toolbar is located along the left screen side as you can see in the attached image above. Let me explore all basic useful tools in Photoshop which are very important.

photoshop-move-tool Move tool: It is used to move images, text, shapes from one place to another its shortcut key is (v)

photoshop-rectangular-marquee-tool Rectangular Marquee tool: used for selection or you can draw shapes using this tool and fill color.

Elliptical Marquee tool: used for circular selection or you can draw a circle using this tool. (M)

photoshop-single-column-marquee-tool Single row marquee too: used for single row and you can duplicate accordingly.

photoshop-single-row-marquee-tool Single Column marquee too: used for single Column and you can duplicate accordingly.

How to use Adobe Photoshop cc 2019 step by step guide for beginners and how to use adobe photoshop. Here, sir, Farooq Hussain Shah have explained all tools and their use Link Here


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